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You’re only as Good as You Communicate

You’re only as Good as You Communicate

Don’t brag, it’s not attractive. The worlds most successful people (whatever your definition of success is) all have one major common quality; they communicate clearly and concisely. They create an image in our minds as they speak, and capture our attention to find hope in their words.

You’re only as good as you communicate. There is something to be said about being able to let people know about who you are and what your intentions are. The approach to this descriptive personality is being bold, being vulnerable and feeling a sense of pride in your accomplishments no matter how big or small they are. We all have an opportunity to be great, but greatness is defined by merit and delivery. The greatest athletes have no loss for words when they win or when they lose. They assess, analyse and create strategic initiatives to pave the way forward.

“Selling the dream” as they call it is more than just part truth part hype. It is a belief that tomorrow will be better than today. Don’t sit around and let people acknowledge your worth, show them through hard work and commitment but also communication. Be better than the person next to you at delivering your story. Don’t hesitate to articulate a path where they believe in you. Cause tomorrow, they will. #DreamBig

Akshay Maliwal