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The New Ivies: Which One Fits You Best?

After a particularly confusing and competitive year of U.S. college admissions, editors at Forbes have compiled a list of “New Ivies”. This is a list of public and private universities that hiring managers consider to be of comparable caliber to the Ivy League. This list is significant for international students who may be less familiar with many top US schools that are not in the Ivy League.
Here are some ways AddedEducation students are urged to go about the college search process:
  • Research colleges beyond the veneers of status, rank, and prestige to pave the way for a broader search.
  • Consider factors such as academic rigor, levels of competition and collaboration, departments of specialization, campus culture, and networking opportunities for life.
  • Keep an open mind about the kind of school that is an optimal fit for you.
  • Select colleges where you will thrive and be challenged at an optimal level.
  • Keep in mind that happiness at the right fit college is likely to promote your well-being and a high level of performance.
  • This “New Ivies” list is a reminder that there are exceptional colleges outside of the Ivy League that will get you where you want and may even cost less. Many colleges on the list have rich legacies and are highly regarded in the world of academia.
    The Forbes list is divided by public and private universities. Schools on the list such as the University of Michigan (public) and Johns Hopkins (private) have an illustrious history. In the world of academia, they are exceptional hubs of cutting-edge research and innovation.
    The more familiar you become with the U.S. education terrain, the better you will be able to navigate it successfully.

    Forbes ”New Ivies” List of Public Universities Listed by U.S. News Ranking

    Forbes “New Ivies” List of Private Universities Listed by U.S. News Ranking

    Author: Aruna Luthra - Lead Counselor